1. What is MetaMine?

MetaMine is a DAO community that provides a universal Metaverse currency backed by crypto mining. The mission of the community is to revolutionize the crypto mining industry with green energy.

2. What is MINE token?

MINE token is the fungible token issued by MetaMine Community. MINE token sales will be pooled together and will be used for the community only. MINE will be used as the circulating currency for Metaverse applications. And the voting rights for the MeteMine Community.

3. What is the total issuance of MINE token?

Total issuance is 1 Billion MINEs.

4. What is MINE token's contract address, and what exchanges are MINE token traded on?

Our token is published on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. (Be sure to check when trading, there are scammers out there.)
Ethereum: 0xd97a3b9c3512722531fd6fcd4c8cb1ae97b7b190
BSC: 0x0cf27ad61a5e85ff5a6ebe95183473c32afab4f7
The token is currently traded on Uniswap and PancakeSwap . We will list it on MDEX and SushiSwap shortly. As the community grows, the token will be listed on major exchanges like Binance. For a complete listing, please check HERE.

5. What is MetaMine Fund?

MetaMine Fund is the pool of tokens for the MetaMine Community. It includes the unsold MINE token, all the sales proceeds of MINE token and the MetaMine Community funded projects. The community owns the fund, and has full rights to vote for the usage of the fund by voting with the MINE token.

6. What are the usages of the MetaMine Fund

The fund can be used in a wide range of projects. It can be used to fund renewable energy research, afforestation/reforestation, green energy facilitation, greener mining machines and hosting facilities.

7. What is MetaMine DAO?

MetaMine DAO is the voting system associated with MetaMine Community, it defines how the Community elects Committee members and how proposals are voted under the Committee’s monitoring.

8. Who will serve as Committee

The Committee will be elected through a special voting smart contract(Committee Election Motion) that doesn’t need Committee member’s monitoring. Any address on chain can be assigned as Committee as long as a Committee Election Motion is approved.

9. Is MetaMine DAO fully on-chain?

Our ultimate goal is a fully on-chain DAO system. We understand this is a huge project and will need careful planning and code design. We have a road map for the DAO implementation in three phases. And we expect we eventually come up with a fully on-chain DAO system in the last phase.

10. What is a Rebalancer Account?

The Rebalancer Account is used to store unsold MINE tokens which belongs to MetaMine Fund. The account will also be used to execute an automated release algorithm of the MINE token to the public.

11. Will the MetaMine Fund be used for crypto mining?

As we said before, the community completely owns the MetaMine fund and can vote for any usage of the fund as long as it fulfills our community goal.

12. Who owns the MetaMine Fund?

The MetaMine Community owns the fund, and the usage of the fund is agreed through MetaMine DAO voting logic.

13. Will you buy back MINE?

The project developer doesn’t plan to buy back MINE, but if the community votes to swap one token for another, it will be executed.

14. Will you burn MINE?

The project developer doesn’t plan to burn any MINE, but if the community votes to reduce the liquidity of the MINE token when there is excess liquidity in the Metaverse, it will be executed.

15. Which NFT/GameFi platform is supported by MINE token?

The project developers are working on an NFT/GameFi platform to be released in 2022 that is fully based on MINE. Meanwhile, the community can vote to inject MINE or other token in MetaMine Fund to other Metaverse applications.