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Token Contract Address

ETH: 0xd97a3b9c3512722531fd6fcd4c8cb1ae97b7b190

BSC: 0x0cf27ad61a5e85ff5a6ebe95183473c32afab4f7

Important Accounts on both Ethereum and BSC

Timelocked Multisig Owner Account ETH: 0x72cf1D18F5ae2987D9552244Cefe17E0bB3A6B78

Timelocked Multisig Owner Account BSC: 0x78Aa11b59862A4FaD771C93607E3cAD2f4208426

Rebalancer Account: 0xe40114e26F1A6222B84525d3FFe53EE71A2653F2

For Definitelion of Rebalancer Account, please check our Whitepaper

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  • CEO & Founder
  • Theodore Song
  • PhD in Mathematics and Finance;
    Global Macro Research in Goldman Sachs;
    5 years of Crypto Experience.
  • CTO & Founder
  • Michael Zou
  • PhD in Mathematics
    SDE/AI research in Google
    Experienced in blockchain technology and smart contract design.
  • CMO
  • Jennifer Lu
  • Master in Business and Economics;
    5 years of experience in product marketing and go-to-market strategies;
    Specialized in digital marketing in US market.
  • Mining Partner&Founder
  • David Zhang
  • Master in Finance;
    5 years of BTC mining business experience;
    5 years of Crypto Startup experience.

Road Map

Road Map


  • Dec

    Token Launch on DEXs


    Green Mining Initiative

    Token smart contract audited by Certik

    Token listing on Ether and BSC explorers.

    Initial mining scale with private sale at ~16200 TH


  • Feb

    Token Launch on CEXs


    DAO Phase 1

    DAO Committee election/re-election

    DAO first proposal on mining

    Token listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

  • Jun

    MINE base NFT, GameFi launch


    MINE usage expanding

    Promote green mining in a large scale

    Mining pool scale increase to ~50k-100k TH

  • Dec

    DAO Phase II


    Promoting renewable energy research

    MINE token used in other Metaverse apps

    Metaverse Community establishment

    Mining pool scale increase to ~200k-500k Th


  • Dec

    Ultimate DAO, Phase III


    MINE token being accepted by a large basket of Metaverse apps

    Mining pool scale taking significant market share

    Mining expands to tokens beyond bitcoin